Afficher la version complète : [PC] [FR+EN+DE] TheLagBrothers are searching Agents

30/04/2019, 13h59
Clan Name : TheLagBrothers
Platforms: PC
Region : DE
Language: DE+EN+FR *Read Info below
Focus: PvE , maybe PvP if we can build squads :)
Mic : Teamspeak3 is quite necessary for a good team


We area new German Clan , who search Players for building squads, and having fun in Ts3 ..we are all about 30+ years and speak english and german
one of us is an french Player (33years) who is trying to build a french+english community ,( i try to support this) :)

so if you are interested in an clan who speak german+french+english dont be shy to write me and we will meet in Ts3 or in chat to speak about the situation :)

and i hope i can build a friendly multispeaking clan, where everybody feels like at home :)

sorry about the english , i tried my best :P

best regards Mr.Koffein :)

Uplay Add: Mr.Koffein